Why Is One Pec Bigger Than The Other?


An effective way to combat a potential skeletal dissymmetry in the body is to find the cause of the dissymmetry. For example, if you carry a wallet in your back pocket, sitting on the wallet can cause one side of your body to sit higher than the other side. Over time this can create a dissymmetry. A simple solution is to carry your wallet in a different pocket. If you sleep on the right side of your body, this causes your right shoulder to carry more weight throughout the night, as it is below the rest of your upper body. This can cause your skeletal structure to shift to accommodate a comfortable sleeping position. Perhaps learning to sleep on your back would be an effective way to preserve symmetry throughout the night. Identifying any potential causes of any possible skeletal dissymmetry in your body and taking action to correct the cause can lead to better skeletal posture and in turn lead to an even muscular system. If observing and altering life style habits to create better symmetry are not effective, perhaps visiting a chiropractor could help regain and preserve skeletal symmetry.

Another possible way to make your pectorals the same size is to be conscious of symmetry in your workout routine. If you are right handed, perhaps paying specific attention to your left hand during workout reps could ensure that you are lifting equal (or close to it) weight with both hands.
While bench pressing with a bar, focus your attention on your weaker side (or whatever muscle groups you wish to enlarge). You could also consider switching to dumb bells rather than using a bar. With the same weight dumb bell in each hand, you are better ensuring that each side of the body is lifting the same weight. Also, only lift what your weakest side will allow. For example, if you are curling and feel your right bicep begin to tire while your left bicep is still going strong, perhaps you should push your right bicep to its maximum tolerance while limiting your left bicep. This helps to ensure that your weaker side will achieve a maximum workout to catch up to your stronger side. Focusing on your weaker muscle groups and striving for equal weight distribution in workouts can be an effective way to gain symmetry in your muscles.


More Reasons

You can also strive for symmetry in life routines. Learning to use silverware or brush your teeth with the opposite hand can help gain coordination and enhance the weaker side of your body. While these correctional measures can be effective for some people, it may be natural for others to have one pec appear larger than the other. If you are severely concerned with muscular discontinuity your doctor or local chiropractor may provide better assistance. While seeking improvement and perfection is admirable, you may achieve better satisfaction by focusing on the positives in life. While having different sized pecs may be very apparent and annoying to you, it is probably less noticeable to other people. While knowledge, determination, and discipline can likely even out your pecs, if you are unable or unwilling to achieve pectoral symmetry, you will fit right in with most everyone else, as it is quite common. Hopefully the information and perspective presented in this website provided some insight and will prove useful to you in some way, shape, or form. Good luck in your pursuit of an even chest (assuming your pursuing that).

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