Why Is One Pec Bigger Than The Other?

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More Reasons:

Just as it is important to have symmetry and evenness in your skeletal structure,it is also important to have symmetry in your weightlifting and workout technique.Some workout routines can unintentionally favor a dominant arm,
leg, or side of the body. For example, using a bar for a flat bench press can lead to one side of the body lifting more weight than the other side of the body. Even though there is an equal amount of weight on each side of the bar, since the bar connects the weight, it is possible for a dominant side of the body to pick up the slack of the weaker side of the body. You can experiment with this the next time you go to the gym. For the flat bench press, do not add any weight to bar, lay back and prepare to grab the bar. Rather than using your normal grip, try only gripping the bar with three fingers on your left hand and use a normal grip on the right hand. Try carefully pressing the bar without dropping it due to the altered grip. You should notice that your right hand is carrying more weight than your left hand. This can also be the case when both hands have a normal grip. If one side of your body is stronger than the other side, the stronger side is likely carrying more weight than the weaker side. This unevenness can cause one side of the body to build more muscle than the other side.



Another factor that can lead to one pec being bigger than the other is the routine of everyday life. For example, someone who is right handed likely drives with their right hand, brushes their teeth with their right hand, writes with their right hand, eats with their right hand, and so on and so forth. This extra strain on the right side of the body causes your body to build more muscle on the right side of your body. If a right handed person plays sports such as football, basketball, bowling, or baseball, this also creates extra strain on the right side of the body. Throwing a football or baseball right handed, rolling a bowling ball right handed, or dribbling and shooting a basketball right handed all contribute to the right side of the body building more muscle.

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